Attention all U25/Young Riders/Children’s Athletes. Now is the time to sign up for the Jumping Committee/Equestrian Canada Talent ID Program!

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The Jumping Committee is the committee of Equestrian Canada responsible for all hunter, hunter equitation sand jumper activities in Canada from the grass roots to the international level. The Jumping Committee has created a number of programs and awards to provide support for participants, recognize contributions, and promote the sport. One of these programs is Talent ID. If you are new to the Talent ID Program, we have provided some details to help you become acquainted with the program and help you determine if this is of interest to you for 2017.

What is the Talent ID Program?

The Talent ID Program was spearheaded by the Jumping Committee’s Domestic and Athlete Development Sub-Committee to increase participation and improve performance at the FEI Children, Junior, Young Rider, and Under 25 level. By providing youth with a pathway to become involved in the sport of jumping from an earlier age, the Jumping Committee is paving the way for a strong pool of future Canadian Equestrian Team athletes to represent Canada on the world stage.

Who administers the Talent ID Program?

The program is coordinated by Crystal Labelle, Program Coordinator Jumping at Equestrian Canada, and is overseen by Talent ID Advisor, Beth Underhill.

How do I get involved?

Riders interested in participating in programs can register through the online portal to be added to the mailing list here:

Coaches, trainers, parents, and other individuals interested in the programs are also encouraged to register for the mailing list.

What is the Under 25 (U25) Series?

The Under 25 (U25) Series was created as part of the Talent ID Program and is a series of competitions open to athletes from the beginning of the year they reach the age 16 until the end of the year they turn 25.

Athletes who have competed on a Senior Nations’ Cup Team are still eligible to participate in the U25 Series. In order to participate, declarations are required for horse-rider combinations. For more information regarding the U25 Series, visit:

The deadline to declare for U25 is June 30, 2017. Riders may declare more than one horse. Declarations must be submitted through the online U25 Declaration Portal prior to the deadline. To declare for U25 in 2017, visit the declaration portal:

Declared athletes must submit their U25 results online within a week of completing classes in order to collect ranking points.

For more information on the Talent ID and U25 programs, contact:

Beth Underhill 561-891-0692 or 416-254-8506 or
Crystal Labelle at 613 287-1515 ext. 142 or