Girl Power! It was Raining Women Last Night at the First Super Saturday of the Season

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Angelstone Tournaments is proud to announce a huge podium win for three female Canadian riders, Kim Farlinger, Quincy Hayes and Beth Underhill. Farlinger and mount, Charming Force B captured the $25, 000 purse last night with a slick ride in the jump-off, finishing an entire two seconds faster than her fellow competitors at 37.60. Beth Underhill and her fabulous Count Me In finished just behind Farlinger, ringing in a double clear as well, but not quite speedy enough to top the class. Young professional, Quincy Hayes and her wonderful gelding Calgary 56 gave it their all in round one, which landed them a spot in the jump-off of just four competitors. Hayes’ impressive effort continued into the jump-off, as she jumped another clear track, but just narrowly missed Underhill’s time by less than a third of a second at 39.90. Hayes and Calgary 56 have certainly been feeling the vibe at Angelstone Tournaments this week, as they have managed to place top six in every FEI class at the Erin Welcome CSI1*. Huge congratulations on such consistency, Ms. Hayes!

Hugh Graham has been another one to watch this week, as he not only managed to jump a super clean track in last night’s Grand Prix, but as well in Thursday night’s $10, 000 Open Welcome, where he jumped double clear to place just shy of first. Last night, though a strong effort in the first class, one rail in the jump-off cost him that podium finish. None the less, he has made his mark in the Angelstone Tournaments’ FEI leaderboards throughout the week.

Riders Mac Cone, Kevin Crosby, and Kathryn Dafoe showed some fantastic maneuvering around a tough Saturday night track, managing to leave the jumps up, but just coming shy of that time allowed. It was the girls’ turn to own the podium, as champagne was flying and the proud owners and family members were snapping pictures and enjoying the fabulous evening sunshine. We’d like to thank our generous sponsors, Ride Every Stride, for hosting a great kick-off to the Super Saturday season – we hope you enjoyed the view from the centre of the ring! It is certainly the best seat in the house.


[Photo Credit @ Mackenzie Clark for Ben Radvanyi Photography]