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Beth combines character, integrity and success. She is frequently sought out as a spokesperson for sponsors, charities and the sport of show jumping. Beth is one of the most recognized and popular equestrians in Canada. Please make your enquiry here.

An expert endorsement from a highly skilled athlete obviously has significant value in the marketplace. If you have a product Beth may consider endorsing please get in touch. Beth’s expert endorsement of your product will provide affirmation of the product’s excellence and authenticity just by wearing it in and out of the ring. If you are in the performance business, there is nothing better.

There are opportunities for corporate investment in our athletes; either the purchase or part purchase of a horse or wearing of logos. Sponsors logos can be placed on Beth’s jacket, and/or hat, as well as on the horses saddle pads, ear covers and coolers that attire Beth’s horses to and from the competition ring for optimum exposure. Sponsors names can preface the horses name for maximum impact, for example ‘Crown Royal Monopoly’ as he was known in 1992.

Several syndicates have been successfully created – young horses have been purchased and Beth has developed them up to the Grand Prix level. Altair, Conduct and Magdaline are just three examples of Beth’s successful investment horses. Beth has also facilitated the investment of young horses that have gone on to be top performers at the elite Young Rider level.

There are many benefits that make athlete sponsorship or investment a perfect solution for positive exposure with a winning team at Beth Underhill Stables. Expert endorsements, celebrity endorsement or investments are available.

Beth has been exposed to over 4 million spectators, well over 20 million TV viewers and has appeared in many media interviews. Beth has been featured on various TV specials, including “Women in Sport”, Animal Planet and an OLN special, called Horse Tales. She regularly does on screen interviews for major Canadian and American networks, including appearances with Pamela Wallin, Dini Petty and Valerie Pringle. She has been featured on a commercial for Crown Royal that was aired on all major networks and was part of an ad campaign for Tag Heuer. Beth Underhill Stables has over 15,000 people following her movements on Social Media, this does not including her innumerable You Tube and Twitter followers.

Beth has been an on air colour commentator for major broadcasters, including TSN, CBC and several US networks. Beth was the colour commentator along side Scott Russell for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Beth was recently featured on CBC’s Metro Morning.

Previous international corporate sponsors have included Seagrams, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Crown Royal and Holt Renfrew. Beth welcomes the opportunity to enter into a sponsorship relationship with companies, please contact us for more information.


Previous corporate sponsors have included Seagrams, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Crown Royal and Holt Renfrew. Have a look at a few advertising campaigns showing how other brands have used Beth’s image and reputation along side their brand for positive exposure.


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